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November 11, 2012


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President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill Biden celebrate election. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were re-elected for four more years on Tuesday night.


Barack Obama was re-elected as the President of the United States of America in a race that was uncertain until battleground state Ohio was won over. Millions of American stood in long lines voting on Tuesday for their voice to be heard. The GOP had hopes in Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and strongly disappointed in the results. Did minorities decide the 2012 election? According to CNN, Exit polls showed Obama received strong support, as expected, from women voters as well as overwhelming support from African Americans and strong backing from Hispanic voters, similar to the coalition that carried him to victory four years earlier to make him the nation’s first African American president.

President Obama: “I’m Really Proud of All of You.”

President Obama tearfully thanks supporters.

This is a new America and minorities are speaking loud and clear. The days of the “Good ol’ Boy Club” is shrinking and multicultural American is rising. The days of the conservative white males world are tricking down. Minorities are becoming the majority and this means that either you adapt or get left being in a changing world. The United States of America is a huge melting with different nationalities and ethnicities. For the betterment of the United States all nationalities have to be taken into consideration. Perhaps the GOP should reconsider the previous strategies they have used and take a different approach in their conservative nature. At the same time, Democrats cannot take the minority vote for granted. Nevertheless, President Obama has four more years to fulfill promises and bring renewed hope to Americans.

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