Perfect Gifts For Public Relations Professionals.

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December 9, 2012


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It’s that time of year. Christmas trees are up, the fireplace is crackling, and you’re Christmas list is almost complete. Do you know what to get the public relations professional in your life. We have come up with the perfect gift guide that keeps on giving. We have fifteen holiday gifts that are perfect for the PR professional in your life. Whether it’s your daughter, son, wife, husband, friend, or co-workers; these gifts are a must have for PR professionals. Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

  1. Spa packages: Who doesn’t want a hot stone massage? Every PR Pro needs a little R&R and what better way to relax than a spa certificate from your local spa.
  2. Subscriptions:  PR Week and PR Daily are great resources for PR pros to read everyday. From the training section to the news features,these subscriptions are necessary in the field of public relations. 
  3.  AP Stylebook: Every communication professional should stay up to date with AP Style. It is a must have for public relations. The book will cost anywhere from $13-20, or you can get an online annual subscription for only $25 at
  4.  PRSA Membership: Becoming a member of Public Relations Society of America will enhance your career in the public relations. PRSA offers many tools and resources and an opportunity to network with fellow PR professionals. Around the holiday season, PRSA offers a very nice discount for students and professionals as a promotion. You give the PRSA membership gift at
  5. iPad or iPad Mini- This is self explanatory. The ipad is a must have for PR pros. The ipad is the go to gadget. It’s a mini laptop right in your lap. You can go the local Apple Store or online to
  6. Jamba Juice Gift Card:
Jamba Juice has some of the best natural smoothies and juice to get you started with your day, or a quick healthy lunch. Jamba Juice is a quick “pick me up” for the everyday PR pro. 
  7. Starbucks Gift Card: A Starbucks coffee is the energy drink for PR professionals. 
  8. Héctor Serrano Digital Downtime Watch: This watch is not only stylish, but is all a great time management tool for social media. This watch helps PR professional divide up time spent on Facebook, Twitter and email each day.
  9.  Public Relation Books: PR professional have to stay on top of trends and valuable information. Books like The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success (Wiley Desktop Editions) by Lon Safko (May 8, 2012), Cutlip and Center’s Effective Public Relations (11th Edition) by Glen M. Broom (Jul 2, 2012), and Online Public Relations: A Practical Guide to Developing an Online Strategy in the World of Social Media (PR in Practice) by David Phillips and Philip Young (Jun 1, 2009) are great resources. There tons of public relations books at
  10. iTunes Gift Card: iTunes are perfect for PR pros who are trying to keep up in the digital world. A iTunes gift card can allow a PR Professional to download and some of their favorites songs to listen in the office or on plane traveling to events.
  11. Yearly Planner: Sometimes it’s best to have the “old school” planner right in front of your face to keep your schedule organized. Smartphones are great to log your schedule, but the yearly calendar is great back up. Target has some of the best planners in all sizes for Pr Pros.
  12. The Sharper Image Telescopic iPhone Lens: You never know when you will need to take some photos or do viral video for a client on the spot. This handy telescopic lens offers stability to capture great pictures and videos right on your smartphone. This electronic device is available at your local Kohls or online at
  13. Gift Cards: A Gift Card to Ann Taylor, Macy’s, Kohls, or Neiman Marcus is perfect for the PR Pro. All PR Pros know the important of image, thus it’s important to dress accordingly and with style. Any gift card from a retail store can enhance your wardrobe in the New Year.
  14. Business Card and Thank you cards: There is some much digital technology, but a simple business and thank you card go a long way. You can get business and thank you cards or your local Staples. If you want to go the extra mile contact a graphic designer to customize some special business and thank you cards for the PR Professional in your life. 
  15.  Gift of Family Time: PR Professional has extremely busy lives and there is nothing like spending time with family. If you don’t know what to the PR Professional in your life; the best gift to give is time.



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